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Making the most of your character strengths is a powerful strategy for a happier and more successful life.

This post gives you a link to discover your character strengths. It is a free character strengths assessment. The link takes you to the VIA Institute On Character website. (The initials originally stood for Values In Action. Now VIA is a stand alone word within the organisations’ name).

This is a not for profit organisation. Their stated mission is to make character strengths information and resourcing available to everyone. Go here to take the assessment

You do have to register with your email address. You can then click on the link to take the online self assessment. There are a range of questions. Each question requires you to tick the box that most applies to you. When you have finished a brief character strengths profile is sent to your email. This gives you your 24 character strengths from your number one character strength through to number 24. Each character strength has a brief description about what it means.

Although brief, these descriptions are interesting and useful. The assessment and brief report is free. However you are also offered the option to purchase a more in depth analysis of the strengths.

The 24 character strengths assessed, are the product of extensive research and testing. They include such strengths as gratitude, hope, judgement, love of learning, and teamwork. Also covered are spirituality, social intelligence, leadership and self regulation to name a few. 

The website writes ‘research tells us that individuals who use their character strengths lead happier, more satisfying lives.’

The field of Positive Psychology puts a high value on understanding your character strengths and personality characteristics. As the name suggests, Positive Psychology promotes the positive resourcing of  people to live their best life. When you have a clearer understanding of your character strengths you can then play to these strengths.

If you are in a partnered relationship it is very worthwhile – and interesting! – for both of you to do the assessment. It can be a useful tool in couples work to promote a deeper understanding of each other. And to better appreciate each others’ strengths. I often encourage people to do this assessment when we are working on empowerment. Enjoy!

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