Brisbane Therapy

Therapy focuses on deeper internal processes so that with awareness, they can be understood.

Counselling in its most simple form tends to focus on specific problems or difficulties in living. The aim is to resolve these problems while facilitating the development of a greater sense of well being. Mastery is enhanced, in how you manage yourself or particular problems or aspects of your life.

Therapy (also known as Psychotherapy) tends to focus on deeper internal processes. These internal processes play a significant role in maintaining old patterns and problems. These deep foundations may trap you in troublesome emotions and suffering. They exert a great influence on the impact of traumatic experiences.

Much of what lies beneath conscious awareness can be brought into the light of awareness and understanding. Therapy facilitates insights and deeper self understanding. The work involves adjusting or rebuilding some of the foundations for how you live in the world. This work allows more conscious control of certain processes which previously were “running on automatic”.

The focus of therapy may be different for each person. We may focus on your deeper emotional functioning. The focus may be on adjusting your self concept, self image and core beliefs. A common denominator is adjusting the ways we process what we experience. You are liberated to more consciously respond to whatever life brings.

Is it time to make a Therapy appointment?

Selecting the right Therapist is important. Please feel welcome to contact me or call 0438 337 798 to find out how I can help or to discuss your questions, before making an appointment.

Margi is now based in Paddington, Brisbane. You can also obtain therapy services via Skype sessions with email support.