Brisbane Coaching

Brisbane Coaching:

Achieving mighty goals begins with expanding your ideas and beliefs about what is possible. Inspiring entrepreneurs demonstrate this approach to life. They are willing to go beyond the constraints of what other people consider is realistic or possible.

Believing in yourself and believing in your goal is central to the coaching process. You need to be able to persist despite obstacles and seeming set-backs. It is essential to  understanding motivation and how to keep your motivation strong and powerful.

I trained as a Business and Life Coach in the late nineties to complement my work as a Psychologist. Conversely, my experience and knowledge as a Psychologist and counsellor significantly enriches my work with coaching clients.

I have worked with people from many different careers and small businesses. Although the goals have been different, the essential coaching process is similar.

I bring an agile entrepreneurial mind and passion to assisting people to achieve their dreams. I have established my own diverse businesses and also set up and managed several services and projects. Other useful experience includes management roles on numerous service Committees of Management.

The focus of coaching is on where you want to be. Those certain goals and dreams that you intend to achieve. These may be personal or business goals.

The blocks and barriers to success tend to lie within past ‘programming’. We develop beliefs and expectations that limit us. We are limited by various fears. The coaching process endeavours to free you up from these limitations. Unhelpful habits and behaviours often need to be addressed.

My Brisbane Coaching service aims to hold you accountable. It supports you to maintain an effective focus on specific goals. The process develops well formed and detailed strategies. We map sequences and sub goals to achieve your end goals.

My perception of the coaching role is acting like a guide and key support. I provide you with a detailed map. We work together to check that you have the right equipment, information and strategies to achieve success. Keeping your motivation strong and ‘in the zone’ is a critical focus.

I welcome your enquiry to discuss how I can assist you in realising your goals.

For Brisbane Coaching, please call me direct on 0438 337 798 or email me.