Brisbane Psychology Services

Brisbane Psychology Services provided by Margi Matters are available at two locations. The main clinic is at Ashgrove Queensland. These appointments can be booked online and include after hours. Carseldine appointments can be booked with Margi directly. Contact Margi by calling, texting or email.

Margi’s Brisbane Psychology Services include counselling, therapy and coaching. All Brisbane Psychology Services appointments with Margi are available online, by phone and in person.

I see adults, both individuals, and couples. Although my Psychology Services are based in Brisbane, clients from interstate and overseas are welcome. Skype, FaceTime, Zoom and mobile or landline phone sessions are popular.

Anyone can book an appointment so you do not need a referral. If you have appropriate Health Fund cover, you can claim a rebate for Psychology consultations.

I accept referrals from Doctors. These are usually in the form of a  Mental Health Plan. The plan allows up to 10 sessions with a Medicare rebate per session. Currently the rebate is $92.90. This rebate can be processed at the consultation on the Hicaps facility. The rebate can increase to over $150 per session if you have reached your safety net limit for the year.


Successfully managing yourself and your life begins with understanding yourself and your situation. Increasing your self knowledge and self awareness is a powerful gift to give yourself.

People seek counselling for many reasons. We explore what is happening in your life that prompted you to seek counselling. Usually I begin the conversation with understanding what you would like to get from our time together. We then work together towards this goal. Or goals. Often there  are a few goals or outcomes.

Many people bring a list of what they want to focus on. Many people aren’t sure how to answer this question. It is an easy process to help you identify what you would like to target. We get clear about the outcomes you would like!

Often, people simply want to talk about what is bothering them. It could be what is happening. It could be what is not happening! Some people want  a sounding board. A confidant. A safe and supportive place to vent or unload. Sometimes the focus is on problem solving. Sometimes it may be about making a particular decision.

Anxiety and depression bring many people to counselling.  A common focus is dealing with feelings, habits, behaviour and relationships. The range of topics is boundless, from building confidence to managing a family member. From rebuilding after a relationship ends, to dealing with stress and overwhelm. From resolving conflict to coping with grief and trauma. The focus can be anything you choose!

Sometimes people can achieve what they want in one or two sessions. Other times it may be several sessions. You choose the number and frequency of appointments.

More and more people  enjoy having the support of a safe ‘expert on human behaviour’ to talk to and explore themselves and their lives. A lot of people seek counselling for personal growth. The focus can be on any area of your life.

An increasing number of  people like to check in each month or a few times a year. They find it helpful to stay on track or simply to feel strongly supported and encouraged. They value a continuity to process whatever is happening at the time.

Read more about Counselling.


Coaching aims to hold you accountable to your chosen goals.

It is a process of enabling you to maintain a laser like focus on specific goals.

The blocks and barriers to success are identified and explored. These tend to come from  past experiences and the ‘programme of beliefs’ you have developed. Beliefs, expectations, fears and unhelpful habits and behaviours often need to be addressed.

Well formed detailed strategies are developed to achieve your goals.  Read more about Coaching.


Therapy tends to focus on your deeper inner world. We explore your thoughts and your ways of thinking and processing. Therapy can be thought of as facilitating insights and self understanding. You learn skills and strategies for managing your mind and heart. You explore how all the parts inter-relate: your feelings, beliefs, thoughts, expectations, habits and behaviours.  The work may involve adjusting or even rebuilding the foundations for how you live in the world. It often incorporates a focus on healing whatever may need to be healed.

Therapy can help you to gain more conscious control of how you run yourself and your life. A key area is learning how to make the decisions and choices that are right for you. This means aligning decisions and choices with  your values and needs. Your ‘response repertoire’ expands. This means you have more power and choice about how you handle any situation. Rather than reacting you learn how to  respond in any situation.

Therapy is a process that can be likened to mapping the territory, then learning how to best navigate through it.  Read more about Therapy.

Online and Phone Consultations

Consultations for all Brisbane Psychology Services are available via Skype, Zoom and FaceTime. To set up an online or phone  session you can either call me or email me on the contact page here.