Brisbane Psychology Services

Margi Matters Psychology offers Brisbane Psychology Services: counselling, therapy and coaching with locations in Paddington and Carseldine.

I see adults, both individuals, and couples. My Brisbane Psychology Services practice is located in the inner west Brisbane suburb of Paddington.  You will find out more about these services on this page.

I accept referrals from Doctors under Mental Health Plans, however, you do not require any referral to make an appointment with me.


Successfully making the changes you want in yourself or your life begins with understanding and adjusting what goes on inside. In the context of your reason for making an appointment,  I work together with you to explore your thoughts and beliefs and ways of thinking. We explore how these relate to your feelings, relevant behaviours, habits and patterns. How you interpret and give meaning to (“make sense of“) what happens in your life is a key for powerful change.  Read more about Counselling.


The blocks and barriers to success lie within past experience and the ‘programme of beliefs’ you have developed. Beliefs, expectations, fears and unhelpful habits and behaviours often need to be addressed. Coaching aims to hold you accountable. It is a process of enabling you to maintain a laser like focus on specific goals. Well formed detailed strategies are developed to achieve these goals.  Read more about Coaching.


Therapy tends to focus on more internal processes. In essence therapy can be thought of as facilitating insights and self understanding. The work involves rebuilding some of the foundations for how you live in the world. You gain more conscious control of certain processes which previously were below conscious awareness and “running on automatic.” Read more about Therapy.

Skype Consultations

Consultations for counselling and coaching are available via Skype. To set up a Skype session you can either call me or send me an email on the contact me page here.