Brisbane Counselling

Counselling in its simplest form is about skill based conversations that make a difference. You may have one or many sessions. Key features are acceptance and genuine caring for your well being.

These conversations facilitate greater self awareness and understanding. Understanding yourself. Understanding others in your life. Understanding the problem or difficulties that prompted you to make an appointment.

As understanding increases, you are more empowered. Your life will often be easier in many ways.

Counselling is a wonderful opportunity for you to feel truly listened to. To be totally accepted. To be understood and supported . To be free from any judgement, expectations, pressure or subjective opinions.

Although Counselling may be challenging at times it can also be exciting, interesting, informative, liberating and enjoyable! In my practice, opportunity for personal growth and development is interwoven throughout the counselling process.

I see counselling as aiming to provide the right and necessary conditions for the changes you desire. These may be changes you want to see in yourself, like confidence or easing anxiety. You may desire change in some area of your life like relationships or career. You may simply be seeking the resolution of a particular problem.

My role is to bring empathy and awareness, with skillful guidance. I  facilitate the process of addressing your needs and achieving your desired outcomes.

I may assist you to:

  • understand the past and how certain experiences have effected you
  • understand how you arrived where you are today and to gain clarity about the ‘problem’
  • identify what may be keeping you where you are
  • learn what works and why, (also what does not work and why!)
  • evaluate your own efforts to resolve or change the problem or situation
  • learn what it takes to make the changes you seek
  • effectively make the changes you want to make
  • gain useful information, skills, strategies and tools to support the whole of your life

With the right help, what seems overwhelming or impossible to resolve is often a process of learning how to think and process differently. There is phenomenal power in shifting your perspectives. Developing new skills, strategies and tools will bring immediate benefits.

Successfully making the changes you want, begins with understanding and adjusting what goes on inside. We work together to explore your thoughts and beliefs. Your feelings, relevant behaviours, habits and patterns.

With awareness, understanding and ‘smart thinking’, change is often a natural evolution. You may find yourself simply feeling differently, or taking a different perspective or approach to people, problems and situations.

I enjoy assisting people to expand their response repertoire and range of possibilities. Rather than reacting from fears and old ‘programs’, you are freed up to make new choices and responses.

How many Brisbane Counselling sessions do people have?

Depending on the nature of the problem and your own ‘starting points’ some people benefit greatly from just one or two sessions. Many people choose to have several sessions. Some people enjoy a long term process. This may be to support their ongoing growth and development, or to overhaul core areas of their lives. You decide how many sessions you want to attend.

Some of the reasons people seek counselling

There are a myriad of challenges, upsets and concerns that come with daily living. People seek counselling for many reasons. Some of the most common are:

  • to resolve a specific problem
  • to seek healing or resolution of painful and traumatic past experiences
  • to build confidence
  • to address relationship difficulties
  • to help cope with loss
  • to navigate challenging life transitions
  • to deal with troublesome emotions like hurt, anger, guilt or hopelessness
  • to make certain decisions
  • to handle conflict

Increasingly, people are seeking help with depression, anxiety, panic disorder, stress and overwhelm.

Some people simply want to explore possibilities for personal development and empowerment. This may range from learning communication skills to building resilience and resourcefulness. Other people want to work on creating desired goals and dreams for their future.

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