The following are a series of helpful resources. These resources are provided free of charge.


Lifeline is a Government funded Crisis Support and Suicide Prevention 24 hour telephone counselling service. Find the phone number and information here.


Beyondblue is a government funded initiative to “reduce the impact of depression and anxiety in the community by raising awareness and understanding, empowering people to seek help and supporting recovery, management and resilience”. They estimate 3 million people in Australia are lliving with depression or anxiety.


If you would like to stop smoking this Government funded programme gives lots of useful information and support.

Gambling Help Online

This free government 24 hour counselling and support service provides information and help for problem gambling.

SMART Recovery

This is a USA based online support site for addiction recovery. I have included this site without liability, as an example of the kind of support that is out there for all types of addiction. Please use your own judgement to see if this site is useful for you.

Alcoholics Anonymous Australia

This Alcoholics Anonymous Australia site has useful information and support, including help to locate meetings if you have or think you have an addiction to alcohol.

Australia Government – Information for Seniors

This Government funded site provides a wealth of information for Seniors, across a huge range of issues, from managing needs like finding a nursing home, to information on rights, access to computers to travelling and maintaining health and well being.

SANE Australia

SANE Australia is an independent, not-for-profit organisation which “works to improve the well-being of Australians seriously affected by mental illness”. Here you will find a wealth of information and resources on a range of mental health issues.

Living Well – Queensland sexual assault services

This comprehensive site gives contact information for sexual assault crisis services and support services for men, women, immigrant womens’ support and other focused support services including the Queensland statewide sexual assault 24 hour helpline.

Parent to Parent QLD

Funded by Disability Services, this not for profit organisation was established by parents to provide support to people who have a family member with a disability. They welcome families who are seeking support and have an information kit. “The strength of the organisation comes from the shared knowledge, skills, experiences and common goals of the supporting and supported parents.”

Parentline – Boystown

This Boystown service provides support, counselling and parenting education for the cost of a local landline call within Queensland and Northern Territory.


Headspace is a national Youth Mental Health Foundation providing useful information for young people, including where to get help and the stories of other young people facing similar challenges.


This health focused site has useful resources and information on eating disorders and other aspects of health and well being.