Psychology Fees and Rebates

The fee for a one hour session is $170.

This fee includes any notes and strategies emailed to you. 

You do not need any referral to see a Psychologist. You can simply call and make an appointment.

A Doctor referral is required however, to claim a rebate under Medicare.

Psychology Fees and Rebates: Health Fund Rebates

Health Fund rebates for Psychology consultations are usually included in extras cover. Your Health Fund can advise you about your cover and the amount they will refund.

You are free to see a Psychologist for any reason. Your reasons remain confidential between you and myself.

You do not require a Doctor’s referral if you are claiming under your Health Fund.

It is as simple as calling me for an appointment on 0438 337 798 or contact me through the website.

Medicare Rebates

Medicare Psychology Fees and Rebates

At the time of writing, Medicare will rebate up to $88.25 per session if you are referred by a Doctor. If you are eligible, your Doctor will provide a Mental Health Plan. The initial referral covers 6 sessions. If required your Doctor may refer you for a further block of sessions. Annual limits apply on the number of sessions that can be rebated.

Once you have your Doctor’s referral you then simply call me for a psychologist appointment. You may text or call me directly on 0438 337 798. You can also email me here. Your Doctor usually will send the referral to me, or you can bring your referral to your first session.

Your Doctor will assess your eligibility for a Mental Health Plan. There are certain criteria. Criteria includes such areas as Depression, Anxiety, Phobia, Panic Disorder, Grief, Adjustment Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Complex Trauma.