Discover TED Talks

TED talks are addictive! If you haven’t already discovered TED talks then this website could easily become a favourite.

TED Talks

Discover TED Talks, a feast of ideas and information!

Whatever your interests, TED talks are bound to have something worth watching. This site deserves regular visits as the fabulous content is continually expanding.

Here you’ll find diverse topics that go far beyond the Technology Entertainment and Design origins. TED talks truly deliver on the concept “ideas worth spreading.”

Speakers present to audiences around the world. TED talks are usually less than 20 minutes. And leave you wanting more! They are packed with thought provoking ideas and often focus on practical, useful, life enhancing information.

If you’re feeling bored or need a lift, there’s nothing quite like inspiration and fascination to perk up your energy and outlook. If you are looking for interesting conversational topics you’ll find lots of possibilities here.

TED talks offer great variety from brain, mind, life hack, body and well being topics to futuristic technologies. There are talks on social issues, climate change, economics and science.

From team building, and “How Great Leaders Inspire Action” to “10 Ways To Have A Better Conversation”. From boosting motivation to understanding shame, to “teaching girls bravery not perfection’, there are plenty of compelling topics.

This site leaves me with such deep appreciation for all of the amazing people and ideas in this world.

With all the ‘bad news’ that saturates our lives, it is easy to develop a negative view or even a sense of hopelessness. This website is a wonderful ante-dote to such negativity. It can take you out of the mundane and into the extraordinary. It nurtures optimism and possibilities. Follow this link and happy exploring!

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