Burnout Remedies

Applying immediate burnout remedies is essential if you are already in burnout territory. Recovery is not an overnight quick fix.

Burnout Remedies

A regular relaxing massage is one of the easiest and most immediately beneficial burnout remedies.

Using the analogy of a bank account, recovery requires consistently making more deposits than withdrawals into your energy account. This needs to be maintained over an extended period of time. Usually for several months. In severe burnout it can be much longer.

If you relate to the indicators listed in the post Lifestyle Burnout, then it is time to take control. Take deliberate action to apply specific burnout remedies.

Stress levels must be actively and consistently reduced.

The Most Effective Burnout Remedies 

  • Meditation – this tops the list of the most beneficial activities.
  • Walking or simply spending quality time in nature. Studies show that immersing yourself in nature has immediate and powerful benefits.
  • Learn mindfulness practices. These are increasingly popular and have the power to be life transforming.
  • Pleasurable outdoor activities like fishing, gardening, surfing and sailing are great value.
  • Yoga, tai-chi, Qi Gong have measurable benefits.
  • Massage is fabulous for easing stress out of the body. A regular massage gives many benefits.
  • Singing and dancing are uplifting and therapeutic, guaranteed to change your state.
  • Immerse yourself in a creative pursuit or enjoyable hobby.
  • Learn how to take yourself into a deep relaxation. (in session or there are plenty of excellent guided relaxation cd’s)
  • Plan regular pleasurable activities. This could be anything that ‘fills you up’ – going to an art gallery, getting lost in a great book or laughing with friends.
  • Develop assertiveness skills (e.g. be able to say ‘no’ without feeling guilty)

The sources of stress – stressors –  need to be managed effectively. This involves first identifying all of your stressors. The next step is to commit to making the changes that need to happen. 

Decide to get on top of stress levels and begin. Don’t expect yourself to do everything immediately! This is a gradual re-balancing over time. Just take the first step.

Your body will return to optimum health. You will enjoy gradually feeling the positive difference in energy and emotions. Those people closest to you will also be more at ease as you become more at ease.

Life is much easier when stress levels are kept low. You can expect to be less moody and less easily irritated. You will be able to think more clearly, and make decisions more easily. Memory improves. Instead of feeling agitated and unable to relax, you will begin to relish relaxing. You will feel more energised and enjoy more refreshing sleep. Relationships will benefit from being able to bring the best version of yourself to them.

You will essentially experience a more satisfying and rewarding quality of life.

Counselling is a popular choice for a great number of people seeking relief from stress overload and burnout. The benefits cover a broad range from deep relaxation techniques, to emotional clearing. Anxiety and anger can be treated. Strategies can be planned and tailored to you. Life support skills like assertiveness or handling conflict can be developed.

In my practice, nurturing and support is an important part of the counselling experience.

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