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The trap of one solution thinking

Solution Thinking: The Trap of One Solution

Solution Thinking: The Trap of One Solution Ongoing dilemmas are often maintained by falling into the trap of one solution thinking. Solution thinking involves learning how to think and process differently. It is a critical life skill. Setting the trap is easy when you allow the following blocks to control the process: maintain rigid thinking […]

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5 Communication Strategies

These 5 strategies for better communication are deceptively simple yet they very powerfully enhance accuracy in communication. There are huge benefits that come from making it a habit to apply these communication strategies. They save a great deal of angst, upset and conflict as well as enable more effective problem solving.

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Accuracy In Communication

Major threats to accuracy involve some type of ‘misunderstanding’ or faulty interpretation. Misunderstandings arise for a variety of reasons. When we fail to ensure accuracy in communication the consequences can be massive, far reaching and even life changing, sometimes in devastating ways.

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